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Handyman services

Mobility means more than just transport of your goods. To meet your wishes to the fullest, VALMAS also offers handyman services. Our handyman offers little chars in and around the house, the little stuff you simply forget to done when moving.

It’s annoying, but inevitable: chars will be left undone for months, sometimes even for years. That one char you always forget to do, or the char you do not have the right tools or materials for. With the help of our handyman those chars will be done immediately.

What can our handyman do for you? He can be hired for (re-)assembly of furniture or equipment, installing small electrical appliances, setup curtain rods, carpeting, hanging mirrors or paintings. Our handyman can also be hired for maintenance or repairs in and around the house.

The agenda of the handyman is flexible, so he can come when it suits you, even in the evening.

Interested in our handyman services? Please contact us to check the possibilities, our specialists will make a custom quotation, without any further obligation.

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