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Interior & design

In the course of the years VALMAS has taken care of specialist packing, logistics and distribution of designer projects in door-to-door situations all over the world. We take care of the complete proces of packing, collecting, receiving and consolidation of the goods. We can also take care of all documentation and last but not least the global transport. Your shipment will always be delivered at spoken time and place so we can arrange the delicate unwrapping and placing of your goods.
From one single armchair till a full interior, your goods will be treated with the same  delicate VALMAS care, service and quality. For interior designers and interior architects VALMAS can be the best solution with our wide variety of packing and mobility services. We will keep you updated during the whole proces. Due to a close cooperation with our partners we offer the best possible service to our clients.

VALMAS has been hired and worked all around the globe on packing, transport and delivery of goods for interior projects and designer projects. We know like no other what is the necessity for suppliers to receive your goods on time and in a fashionate order. Therefore we will assign one projectmanager that will be in direct and close contact with all other suppliers in order to avoid misscommunications and arrange a smooth transition of all goods. VALMAS is globally active and has a wide variety of international mobility services, packing, transport modalities which allows us to make the right estimation and decision how to transport your goods via seafreight, airfreight or as consolidated cargo. VALMAS does it all.

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