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Art handling

The correct packing, transport and installing of art objects or hang a painting is a specialism on it’s own. Special techniques are needed to avoid anythimg getting damaged during transport. The safety of your painting or art object is our main priority. This is reflected in the accuracy of how we pack your art objects. VALMAS arranges size measured crates specified for your art objects size and structure for transport or storage.

All our arthandlers are strictly selected and skilled professionals. They all have the required training and certificates needed for arthanding, all have dutch VCA safety certificate and a certificate of good conduct. Our arthandlers will escort the transport of your valuables and total process from beginning to end. They will arrange optimal serviceability, offer a phenomenal service and the highest discretion.

Art transport
VALMAS can arrange safety transport throughout Europe with specialized vehicles. But please do not forget with our global network we can also arrange global transport by sea or air. Our networks only consists out of specialized agents that will arrange all local documents, delivery and re-assembly of your goods. VALMAS will have an overview of your transport all times.

If necessary we will have contact with local police, security agencies and other parties that need to be involved to arange a safe transfer of the art transport in order to have a smooth transition.
With all art transports VALMAS will arrange all necesary insurances and needed (extra) security measurements. In order to provide you with all required information concerning your transport we use a track and trace system. The safety of your goods is our main priority.

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