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Deliver broom clean

When you have sold a house or if you wish to move as a tenant, concrete agreements will be made about the manner and condition in which the house must be delivered. It is possible that a broom-clean delivery will be agreed with the acquiring party. Broom-clean delivery means that all areas in the house are free of all loose materials and articles. Broom clean delivery is one of the services in which Valmas is specialized. Please note, in some cases more extensive work may be required.

For example, sometimes it is agreed that not only loose objects are removed, but that laminate in particular is also removed. Making clear agreements with the acquiring party is therefore an absolute must. Would you like to know more about broom-clean delivery of your house? Then read on and you will find out all about it!

What exactly is broom clean delivery?

As stated earlier, the exact definition of a broom-clean delivery is open to discussion. In the majority of cases, however, the house must meet these conditions upon completion:

• In principle, the house is returned to the landlord in its original state. This depends from situation to situation.
• All remaining inventory is taken to an auction company, temporary storage space or to the environmental park in the area.
• Things such as the lighting, but also the curtains as well as the carpet and laminate must be removed. There is a chance that the new tenant or the acquirer has a different taste than the person who leaves the house.
• Possible holes in the wall and floor that have arisen over the years must be filled.
• The house must be thoroughly cleaned so that no large amounts of dust or other dirt can be observed.

When a house at least meets the above conditions, there may be a broom-clean delivery.

Do it yourself or outsource it?

Broom-clean delivery of a large house can take quite a lot of time. However, this is not always easy, especially when you as an owner or tenant have a busy job. Fortunately, there is a solution for this. Valmas is a specialized company and we have the ability to carry out a broom-clean delivery for you. In this way you will be relieved of all worries.

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